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Daily Deliverable Rule

The rule

The Daily Deliverable Rule (DDR)

Produce 1 deliverable every single day. Size does not matter.

What the rule does not say


The rule does not specify a minimum size or scope for the daily deliverable. It only specifies a minimum quantity of 1.

As developers, we cannot be at peak productivity every single day. There will be bad days, where we won't do much. The rule recognizes this.

Nevertheless, the rule does require at least 1 deliverable, even if it's a small one, during such days.

Other constraints

The rule says nothing about other deadlines (sprints, milestones). These still remain to be followed. Of course, the DDR is compatible with such other constraints.

Large, complex tickets

The more senior you are, the more complex the tickets assigned to you. In most cases, a ticket will take several days, or even weeks, to complete. The rule does not expect you to complete such complex tickets in 1 day.

However, it does expect you to work out, as part of your ticket analysis, a roadmap to completing this ticket, which would include at least 1 deliverable per day.

What is a deliverable

Features and bug fixes

Features and bug fixes are obvious deliverables — provided they are made available on the staging server, where the product owner can verify them.


If it's not on staging, it's not a deliverable.

Other deliverables

On some days, there may be no opportunity to create a feature or bug fix. If this happens, the definition may be extended to include anything that has an output that is verifiable by the product owner.

  • Documentation (in ADR format)
  • Ticket analysis


Automated tests are considered as deliverables.

Daily reporting

We expect every developer to report on the day's deliverable(s) in slack or whatever chat platform is use for the project.